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Guiding your business through Web3

We specialize in building blockchain software projects and solutions for your business. From design and planning to development and launch, our team has got you covered.

What We Offer

Our Services

Smart Contracts designed for you.

The heart and soul of all Ethereum based applications. Hire a team of battle hardened experts to build your vision or review code to ensure your project's safety. All contracts designed by Asteria are highly secure and gas efficient for users.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Assessment Reports

NFT Launches made easy.

Launching a collection of digital collectibles for your brand is no small undertaking. We'll handle the tech, and let you focus on your mission.

Asteria NFT Launchpad

Website Design & Development

Custom Development for all your needs.

Innovation takes expertise, planning and a lot of hard work. We offer a comprehensive suite of custom development options so that for your project, not even the sky is the limit.

Custom Development

Development Planning

Asteria In-House Tools

Our Products

We know that sometimes even with a world-class development team, you want to do things your own way. At Asteria, we have ran with this idea and developed tools that give you the flexibility to design your own system, exactly how you want it.

NFT Launchpad by Asteria

The NFT Launchpad condenses all the tools and processes you need for NFT collection launches into one easy-to-use interface.

Bots Galore

We offer a suite of Discord and Twitter Bots to help you manage and keep your community up to date.

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Asteria All-in-One  - Phase 1

All of the tools you need in one place. Mint more, snipe faster, view collection stats, and manage your wallet all from one place.

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Behind Asteria

The Team



Arty is an experienced project founder and operations lead. Arty handles all facets of operations for Asteria Labs and is the lead for client interaction and service support.



Levi is a skilled software developer and the development lead and co-founder of Asteria Labs. He manages the delivery of work to our clients as well as oversees the development of our in-house tools.